Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nora is Laughing!

Chris and I have tried and tried to make Nora laugh and we got nothing. I guess what we needed was Brandon. He really got her giggling today!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Pics of my BEauTifuL little gal!

Poor Nora probably wishes she was a boy by now. I can't quit taking pics of her. I know she is going to grow up so fast. Love you Belle!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trip to SLC

Nora's mini photo shoot. We had fun in SLC yesterday and decided to take some pics of Nora at the temple. She was not really in a photo taking mood but we got a few good ones. Brandon and Aaron were cracking us up. They found one of the conference rocks with holes in it and thought they could talk into it. I wish that rock had a motion sensor and could have honked at them or something! We went over to City Creek Center to have dinner and the boys were happy to run around and play in the fountains. Thank goodness it is getting warmer. Finally, Nora went to her two week appointment and she is doing well. Our little lady has already packed on nearly two pounds- bring on those cheeks!  

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Two Weeks Already!!!


Days that crept by are long gone now that little Nora is here. I am happy to report that after two weeks she is finally off of her billi lights! She is such a little angel and we are so happy to have her. She is my best snuggle bunny. I think it is so funny when she wakes up and starts crying- all I have to do is say her name and she will stop. Amazing how she already knows my voice and it comforts her. She fits perfectly by my side or on my shoulder and loves to be in her little sling right on me all day. Brandon and Aaron have not paid her to much attention. I think they are waiting for her to do some cool tricks. They love it when she makes a sqeak and try and guess what she is saying like it really meant something. Brandon cracks up at the fact that Nora tries to nurse on everything. She got a hold of the spiderman on his shirt the other day and he has not quit talking about how she thinks spiderman has milk. Today Chris was holding Nora and she started crying and B ran in and told him to lift up his shirt and she would suck on his belly- gross. Apparently she has got Brandon's tummy too. Aaron is always concerned when she cries and is very sweet to her. Both boys love to sing to her. Brandon has decided that her favorite song is Utah People Working Together- one that he learned in preschool. My favorite part of the day is getting her dressed. I have had to make a few headbands on the fly to match an outfit or two- good thing I have a lot of practice. The nurse at the hospital told Chris that Nora always has the cutest headbands. That was just motivation for me to keep making them.  Nora has many nicknames. I like to call her Nora Belle or Belle Belle and Aaron always calls her Nora Princess. I am looking forward to her first Dr. appointment, her cheeks are already filling out so it will be fun to see how much she has grown! We love you Nora.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nora Kaitlynn Hess

Welcome to the world little Nora! We are so excited to have this little girl in our home. Nora was induced on Monday and it was the strangest feeling to for me to go to the hospital with no symptoms of labor. After a few hours of Pitocin and no results the doctor broke my water. There was no turning back at that point. The nurse checked me and said I was at 5 1/2 so Chris and I feel asleep for about an hour. She came back to check me again and said it was time to push. We were both shocked and still half asleep. After a few more minutes our little angel was in our arms. I could not have been more blessed with such an easy delivery. The next hours were spent with lots of love and cuddles. Her brothers absolutely adore her. As you can see they sometimes get mixed up with who is supposed to be holding who and end up laying on her instead. Brandon is funny is was sure her umbilical cord was her wiener and wondered why it was so small. He also keeps asking me when she is going to wake up and wants her to talk. Aaron is having a hard time understanding that she cannot eat solids. He wanted to give her his cookie and I told him no. He informed me that she likes cookies and once again I told him no. He is sure everyone likes cookies and is still trying to figure that one out. It has been a busy 48 hours but some of the best of our lives. I was laying at the hospital alone with Nora feeling absolutely overwhelmed with love. I felt as if my chest could literally burst. There truly is no greater blessing than the children and family that Chris and I have created. We are so excited for our new little addition. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Snow Man?

While most of our friends and family are setting out their kiddie pools we woke up to this lovely surprise. Happy April!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Brandon!

Happy Birthday to our sweet little Brandon! B was so lucky to have so many of his friends come to Jumpin' Jacks to celebrate is 5th birthday. I must say it was to best party for me as well the kids had a great time and  the staff took care of everything. Brandon is turning into the sweetest little boy. Here are some of his special characteristics. 
  • He always wants to make his brother laugh
  • He tells funny jokes
  • He wants to know everything about everything and learns quickly
  • He asks a million questions
  • He invents things that already exist
  • He is easy to please and has a happy demeanor
  • He LOVES superheros and aspires to be Batman one day
  • He always shares even if he doesn't really want to
  • He draws wonderful pictures
  • He remembers EVERYTHING
  • He makes friends easily and every friend has a special place in his heart
  • He is my best helper and translator with Aaron
  • Brandon really is the sweetest, kindest, smartest kid in the whole world!  
He chose Scooby Doo cupcakes

Aaron finally got brave enough to go on the slides- this was not our first time to Jumpin Jacks

Brandon and his buddy Jayden

Silly Faces

The giant slide

Hooray for presents!

All or the little ladies. Brandon has a little crush on the one in the pink pants.

All the dudes

More presents

Presents from Grandma Monkey

Brandon and his Spider Man shooter. You can guess how much fun that was for me to clean up but he loved it.

Brandon and his friend Andrew. No they did not have any quarters but they really thought they were playing.

Everyone excited to see what the next gift was

The best 25 cents ever!